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2 Kefaya Ministry of Social Solidarity

Released: 2018


This TVC is an informative awareness campaign to all the mankind that are madly insane with this concept “giving birth”. This awareness campaign will gather all people with different ages, social classes, and countries without any differentiation. Showing how important this concept is through the technique I will be shooting with and this is what I am focusing on. The Ministry of Social Solidarity is affording the country with several opportunities that would help everyone to improve their lifestyles, and I believe that this TVC will be a great message to deliver and awaken their standards.

Cast / Crew
The Ministry of Social Solidarity
Hit Creative Communication
Production House
Gorilla Media Production
Executive Producer
Zaki Gouda
Assistant Producer
Shorouk Ashraf
Mohamed Hesham EL-Rashidy
Mahmoud Basher
Line Producer
Hossam Ismaeil
Art Director
Ahmed Taha
Raghda Helal
Production Manager
Mohamed Dardery
Production Team
Ahmed Zaki
Ahmed Elshazly
Ahmed Kamel
Mohamed Mickey
Hesham Nagy
Shady Essam
1st AD
Esslam Salah
Ass. Director
Menna Hesham El-Rashidy
Fady Momtaz
Post House
Gorilla Post House
Raghda Essam
Editor Ass
Mohamed Elbstawy
Studio Manager
Hossam Ismaeil
Ahmed Elsheshtawy
Behind Scenes

“2 kefaya” with The Ministry of Social Solidarity
Final Product

“2 kefaya” with The Ministry of Social Solidarity

“2 kefaya” with The Ministry of Social Solidarity
Birth-Control - The crowd
Final Product

Birth-Control - The crowd

Birth-Control - The crowd